Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ari's First Birthday

I am late in posting this as I was waiting for the edits on the photos to be completed.  My lovely sister-in-law is also a fantastic photographer...lucky me! You can see more of her work at

Ari had quite the party.  I would have opted for a small family and friends gathering, but the problem is, we have too many friends! Good problem to have, right?! So, we had an absolutely packed house full of laughter and children and babies, and it was wonderful! I had a hard time choosing which photos to share, so I am going to share a lot of them! 

The theme was "you are my sunshine," because he really is ours.

Singing "Happy Birthday"

He wasn't totally sure about the cake!



But he can always ham it up for the camera.

Mama went in for the kiss...and she got it! :)

We had the wonderful performance by my dad of the song he wrote for Ari. Ari accompanied on maraca. I will soon be having him play it again so I can film it and share it with all of you!

I love these of my brother holding my son.

Some more favorites - the latter is Ari with his Grandmas and his Great-Grammy looking on.

I wish we had a picture of every guest! But, enjoy these cuties!

Enough already mom, I'm tired!

Excuse the hand, it was too cute a picture to pass up!

Happy Birthday to my sweet boy! My how time flies!


  1. love it! he is so awesome. your hair looks amazing, too!

  2. Oh so gorgeous! Beautiful photos, and I love your hair too - hot mumma :) I often think of Nicholas as our 'sunshine' too and have that song in my head. Glad you had a fun party x

    1. Thanks! Our boys are definitely rays of sunshine! xoxo

  3. Hello Lacey,
    I wanted to congratulate you, the first anniversary of her prince Ari! It is beautiful and will always fills it with love!
    Your story is touching and full of love, our children are the best we have in the world! are a gift from God, we are transformed into better people. We have a cousin as the Ari, and she is so happy! big hug

  4. I just read your son's birth story on facebook through Birth Without Fear. I loved it. And I love seeing Ari's birthday party! He looks so happy and his hair is fantastic. :)
    I love "you are my sunshine", it's a favorite song around our house and as I look at the pictures, I can tell he is your sunshine.